Find and Replace Tool For Powerpoint

Find and Replace Tool for Powerpoint works in the same way as internal find and replace feature of Microsoft Powerpoint, but using our application, you can make changes to hundreds of files at a time. So in nutshell it’s Find and Replace tool for Powerpoint files in bulk. A batch replacement tool for Microsoft Powerpoint.

This application gives you all the options which internal find and replace feature in Microsoft Powerpoint gives you. This application internally uses Microsoft Powerpoint to do changes to selected files. So it has a speed and accuracy of Microsoft Powerpoint to complete your changes. After completing all the changes application give you a report so you can have a record where application made a changes and how many changes it has made.

Product Features:

  • No limit on number of files it can process.
  • All advance options of find and replace which Microsoft Powerpoint offers
  • Application is using Microsoft Office's object model which give you speed and accuracy of Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Import, export and save list of changes.
  • Gives a report which after completion of replacement, states how many changes made and on which file.
  • Find or search only mode where you can see how many potential changes your change list would make
  • Easy to Install and Uninstall.

" I don’t have any idea how I could change our new phone numbers in all our documents until I find this tool. Thank you very much guys "

- Simon Wilson

" We brought copy of this software for everyone in the department. It’s something we use everyday "

- Jimmy Adams

" It saves us lot of hours and tool gives return on our price on very first day. Very intuitive and easy to use interface "

- Ingolf Schomacker