You can specify either a folder that contains all the Powerpoint files that are to be processed or give a text file which contains the names of files with whole paths. You can specify the file types which the application should look for while searching for files .You can either include or exclude Sub folders if you want the application to look or ignore for sub folders.

This is the main screen of the application. You can either select a file which contains all the keyword or manually write them down here for replacement purposes. You can also import the file list from excel and csv files. User have to specify a search location.

This is the options tab where user can select options like backup mode , update field code before save, retain file date ( modify the file as if it was never modified that is date is not changed). Also for ISO purpose there is a special option of changing the value of custom property by any value the user likes. Also the password of opening the files is to be given here or the password protected files will not be processed