You can specify either a folder that contains all the Excel Spreadsheets that are to be processed or give a text file which contains the names of files with whole paths.You even can specify the file types which the application should look for while searching for files . There are few options given in this window which allows you to create a backup of the file which will be stored as filename.bak and can be used to restore the original file. You can also keep the original file date so that it looks like it was never modified after that date ( Pretty handy!!!!!). Also you have to mention a password for all password protected files here or they won't be processed

This is the main screen of the application. You can either select a file which contains all the keyword or manually write them down here for replacement purposes. Also that you have to specify a search location and also that options similar to Microsoft Excel are given.

As you can see this is the status screen which gives the user the information that what file is being processed and how much the process has completed. Also that after completion of the process you can check all the tabs to see which files were processed and which were not modified by the application. Also that there is an error tab which keeps the record of the files which application could not read for various reasons. You can also copy the data from all the tabs to clipboard and paste in any editor to modify and save the data